Alfajores Are The Best Cookie You've Never Heard Of


It's no secret that we here at HuffPost Taste have a bit of a sweet tooth. We relentlessly put together one dessert round-up after another (ahem, like this collection of 100 chocolate recipes or this one of the best flourless cakes). We discover bakeries we love, and then obsess about them (Billy's, Prantl's and Sugaree's to name just a few). We've recently turned our affection to a cookie popular in Latin America -- and it's taken ahold of our brains. This cookie is awesome and it's known as the alfajor.

At first glance, the alfajor is entirely unassuming. One might even pass it up for something with chocolate chips or frosting. This would be a grave mistake. There's a reason this simple cookie defines the cafe scene in Buenos Aires and has entire cafes devoted to it all across Latin America. It's maybe the best cookie that ever was. We suspect it might be because of the long path it has journeyed -- each step getting it a little bit closer to the perfection it has achieved today.


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