Alfajor Republic was born when two Ecuadorian friends met in Los Angeles while studying their masters degrees. Pamela, MBA in entrepreneurship and entrepreneur by nature, founded her first pastry shop in Quito, Ecuador in 2011 and Lugina, LLM, with passion for gastronomy and a desire to promote her country and culture. They decided to start a business together. Inspired by the flavors of their homeland, South America, they decide to make a dessert that both of them love… Alfajores! The alfajor, is very popular in countries like Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. There are several recipes and variations in different regions, but basically, it consists of two delicate buttery cookies filled with dulce de leche.

 From its headquarters in Los Angeles, considered one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Pamela and Lugina seek to make their way to other corners and states of the country and bring the exquisite taste of their unique alfajores.

Alfajor Republic offers the option to customize orders for special occasions, corporate events or gifts.